When I began crafting the 2017 Heart and Paw Ring I wanted to put together 2 of my favorite things-paws and hearts yet I didn’t want it to be ‘kitschy’ dog jewelry. I want to convey my love of animals but still want something fairly mainstream.

So, I love hearts and I love paws and of course my go-to material is sterling. I toyed with the width of the piece a bit but it became a no brainer when I realized I had pieces left over from a bracelet that was an oops. The bracelet was a stamped piece and you can see a bit of lettering in one of the pictures. The nice thing about the 1/2″ wide size is that there’s plenty of room for an inscription on the inside, something many, if not most, pet owners appreciate. It also makes for a nice thumb ring and since I’ve really come to love my adjustable rings, I went with that too.

By popular request, the piece has now evolved into cuff style bracelets for a limited time. I am making them available in 1″ wide cuffs, I am happy to do inscriptions inside these as well.

2017 pawprint ring
2017 pawprint ring


1" wide cuff shown as a work in progress.
1″ wide cuff shown as a work in progress.
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