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Tattered, Torn, and Shining Bright

Tattered, Torn, and Shining Bright

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This moonstone ring is more than just a ring, so much more!

Handcrafted by yours truly in sterling and fine silver she represents the second coming of age. 

The heavily textured sterling silver band represents the long road taken, complete with twists, turns, hills and valleys, and all of the beautiful imperfections we've encountered along the way to who we are.  

The imperfect, hand cut, yet magnificent moonstone represents coming out the other side, finally accepting our imperfections and celebrating the beautiful sparkle that shines from within, more beautiful for the road we've traveled to get here. 

The setting features 4 dots representing North, South, East, and West, and the journey we've taken to find our direction. 

The sterling is given a dark patina to make those details pop, so they can be celebrated for exactly what they are, and then a light polish, because we've learned at this point that sometimes less is more. 

She's pictured here in her unfinished state so that I can size her just for you. 

Each piece in this collection is truly one of a kind, no two alike other than that I think they are recognizable as my work. 

Once you've placed your order please message me to confirm your size. 

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